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Pathwork Lectures 50-99


PL 50 The Vicious Circle 

September 2015 Study Guide: Benign and Vicious Circles PRS 21 / PL50

-- September Part 2: The Spiral of Spiritual Development by Dottie Titus

PL 46 Authority and PL 52 The God Image:

     How our attitudes towards Authority are based upon our relationships with our parents, and later the image that we form of God.

2013 The God Image PL52 / Authority PL46

2015 May Study Guide: Mass Images PL 57 PRS 11


PL 60 The Abyss of Illusion 

2014 August Study Guide: The Abyss of Illusion PRS 20 / PL 60


PL 64 Outer Will and Inner Will

YouTube Presentation 29 mins 

2017 July Study Guide: Outer Will and Inner Will PL 64


PL 71 Reality and Illusion 

2016 Study Guide: Reality and Illusion: PL 71 Part 1 of 2

2016 Study Guide: Reality and Illusion: PL 71 Part 2 of 2

PL 72: Fear of Loving; Three Aspects that Prevent Man from Loving
    Explore the intricate push-pull of human nature, where you may resist opening to love. "Love is the one and only power. With it you are mighty, you are strong, you are safe. Without it you are poor, you are separate, you are in seclusion and in fear. But this knowledge cannot really help you unless and until you discover where, deep inside yourself, you cannot love; you do not want to love; and you do not know why this resistance to love exists."

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 44 mins

2009 Fear of Loving PDF

Fear of Loving Pt 1 Audio Download

Fear of Loving Pt 2 Audio Download

PL 73: The Compulsion to Overcome and Recreate Childhood Hurts
     This is a key Pathwork concept, that unresolved conflicts from our childhood compel us on a mostly unconscious level to find similar interpersonal situations, so that we can 'finally' resolve both the pain that we experienced AND the pain we saw inflicted on others. While it is common for this to occur in our primary intimate relationships, we may also experience it among our friends, in the workplace, and whenever we deal with authority figures.

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 44 mins

2009 Childhood Hurts PDF

Childhood Hurts Pt 1 Audio

Childhood Hurts Pt 2 Audio

PL 77: Self-Confidence: Its True Origin and What Prohibits It Focuses upon defense mechanisms known as 'Forcing Currents' and the distortions of submission, aggression, and withdrawal.

2013 Study Guide Self Confidence PL77 PL 77: - New 2013 Study Guide

2016 Study Guide: Self-Confidence and What Prohibits It PL 77


PL 81 Conflicts in the World of Duality

2017 Study Guide: Conflicts in Our World of Duality PL 81

2017 Video Presentation Notes PL 81

-- Link to YouTube Presentation on PL 81 1hr 3 mins


PL 83: The Idealized Self Image. The most important countermeasure man resorts to in the false belief that it will circumvent unhappiness, unpleasure, death, never realising that this very countermeasure not only does not avoid, but brings on the very thing that is most dreaded and fought against.  This common, universal pseudoprotection is the creation of the idealised self-image.


2008 Idealized Self Image PDF

Idealized Self Image as Mask PDF

ISI Audio Download Pt 1

ISI Audio Download Pt 2

2013 The Idealized Self-Image PL 83

2013 Download PL 83 Mask / Image study materials

PL 84: Love, Power and Serenity as Divine Attributes and as Distortions  
    There are a number of Pathwork Guide Lectures on the gifts and difficulties of three main personality types, known in shorthand as Reason, Will and Emotion.  Pgl 43 introduces the characteristics of these styles of perception and interaction.  Lecture 84 looks at how we may hide from our own divinity by distorting the positive spiritual qualities of the different personality types. Love, Power and Serenity -- in their distortion -- can be used to defend against being vulnerable.

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 25 mins

2009 Love, Power and Serenity PDF

Love, Power and Serenity Pt 1 Audio

Love, Power and Serenity Pt 2 Audio

June 2015 Study Guide: Love, Power and Serenity PRS 14 & PL 84

PL 85 & 86: Self-Preservation and Procreation as Instincts in Conflict and in Distortion
    These are my two favorite lectures.  They are relatively unknown, not easy to teach or set into charts.  Yet these were the keys that unlocked my understanding of Unity and Duality, the Idealized Self Image / Mask, Vicious Circles, Lower Self – just about every major Pathwork concept.
    Robert Fulghum wrote this formula for self-growth based upon our instinctive verbal cues:  Uh-huh + Oh-wow + Uh-oh + Oh, God = Ah-hah! Everyone has their own Ah-hah! moment when a major life component suddenly becomes clear.  The Ah-hah! is the goal, rather than how we get there.

2009 Self-Preservation & Procreation PDF

Self-Preservation & Procreation Pt 1 Audio

Self-Preservation & Procreation Pt 2 Audio


PL 92 Real and False Guilt 

2014 Study Guide: Real and False Conscience - Real and False Guilt PRS15 PL92


PL 97 Perfectionism 

March 2015 Study Guide: Perfectionism PRS 9 PL 97


PL 98 Wishful Day Dreams 

April 2015 Study Guide: Dreams and Day Dreams PRS27 PL98