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Pathwork Lectures 1-49

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Self-study materials for each Teleconference are available for download (below) in PDF format, along with the monthly newsletter.  These include quotes from the lectures, worksheets, and suggestions for further study.  Each study guide is divided into 4 weekly sections (5th weeks are used as a general review of past topics).
Sign up for monthly newsletters using the Contact Information tab. You may also request Weekly Self-Study notices, which include information on free online meetings, interactive discussions of Pathwork concepts facilitated by Jan Rigsby. Meetings are held weekly. Handwritten notes are scanned and emailed to participants afterwards. No recordings are allowed. See below for details, or visit www.pathworksteps.org.

PL 2 Decisions and Tests. If man goes through life avoiding certain decisions, it creates reactions and chain reactions, resulting in a new form, a mark, and in his next life it will be more difficult yet to solve this knot and to learn making decisions. Contemplate these words! Even from your shortsighted human viewpoint, not deciding is of greatest detriment, not only spiritually but also plain earthly speaking, yes, even from your purely selfish viewpoint if you try not to be quite as shortsighted. This was the first presentation which was videotaped.  There are three segments available on YouTube, one on how Spiritual Law impacts us, what we can be responsible for (Goldfish Bowl), and ways we can give ourselves a break - Secret Holidays.

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 53 mins

Decisions & Tests PDF Document

Decisions & Tests Audio Download Pt1

Decisions & Tests Audio Download Pt2

PL 5  Freedom, Justice, Religion: Happiness as a Link in the Chain of Life  Dualistic thinking (see PL 143) affects how we think about these topics by creating the illusion of either'or: Happiness or Unhappiness, Justice or Injustice, when the deeper truth is that these negative opposites are simply the manifestations of our fear and unwillingness to open our hearts to ourselves and to others. Spiritual Principles (PL 171 and PC10) are used to illustrate our misunderstandings.

September 2017 Study Guide - What is Happiness, Justice, Truth? PL 5

PL 11 Self Knowledge; Inner Guidance  Happiness is an inner attitude vs. begin based on outer circumstances. A pre-requisite of spiritual guidance is that you contribute the labor of being stringently honest in your work of self-knowledge. For you cannot overcome what you do not know.

August 2018 Newsletter PL 11

Study Guide: Self-Knowledge; Inner Guidance PL 11


PL 25 Initial Steps for Self Search  Suggestions for taking an inventory of our gifts and the character flaws that prevent them from fully manifesting. Includes material from Chapter 4 from The Path to the Real Self (PRS).

-- November 2014 Study Guide: Initial Steps for Self-Search PRS 4 / PL 25

-- POV drawings from Participants! Interactive exercise from PRS4 Study Guide!


PL 28 Daily Review  Suggestions for using one of the best tools for self-work / self-analysis. Includes a sample format for a daily written log, using 1/2 sheet of paper per day. A 10-minute process each day, reviewed weekly and monthly, to find the common denominators in your spriitual process that can escape notice in the busy-ness of our lives.

Suggestions for Daily Preview PL 28 PRS 5


PL 30 Pride, Self Will, and Fear  It is the purpose of the path of purification not only to sense what your basic light is like -- for it is not the same with everyone -- but it is of utmost importance to realize that self-will, pride, and fear exist in you, to what degree, how they interact, how one is dependent of the other.

2016 Study Guide: Self-Will, Pride, and Fear PL 30

PL 31 Shame  PL 66 Shame of the Higher Self. Shame is an intense emotion, easily activated by focusing upon both our distortions and our best higher self intentions (which often burst forward before we are mature enough to understand their essence).  Shame can be used by others -- and by ourselves -- to prevent our development and leave us emotionally and spiritually crippled. The presentation was videotaped and is available on YouTube.

Shame & Shame of the Higher Self PDF

Shame Audio Download Pt 1

Shame Audio Download Pt 2

1hr 20mins, 9 chapters on YouTube
Chapters may be downloaded individually below:

1. Introduction

2, Deprogramming

3. Group Exercise

4. Sharing

5. Rejection

6. Examples

7. Q & A

8. 4 Stages, Pgl 127

9. Credits


PL 36 Prayer as Meditation  Pathwork suggests more active types of meditation than many spiritual practices. That is, one purpose of 'stilling the mind' is to allow background thoughts to come foreward into full consciousness.  Another is to allow 'minority voices' (aspects of our personality that represent different developmental levels or resistance) to be fully heard, rather than being overwhelmed by the  Ego (see PL 132).  Also references PL 194 Meditation - Its laws and Various Approaches. 

2016 Study Guide: Prayer as Meditation PL 36


PL 39 Finding Images  The concept of Images is a key to understanding distorted perceptions. Masks are the simplest form of an image.  A phony smile, saying yes when we want to say no, dressing to impress -- we compromise who we really are in order to be accepted, appreciated, loved.  Images are generalizations, masks formed in childhood to serve as warning signs, to keep us from feeling emotional pain. 


Download ISI & Images 2013 study materials for PL 39 & 83

PL 40 Finding Images - A Summary:  Messages of the unconscious come forth through the major problems in life; through repetitive patterns; illness; any unfulfillment or lack. Once it is understood that these occurrences are a message that something is off within the psyche, that a distortion and misconception must somewhere exist, the first step towards elimination of the problem is taken. Yet they are not really hidden. It is merely a question of learning to focus attention on them.

YouTube Presentation 58 mins

Finding Images - A Summary; 2018 Study Guide for PL 40

PL 43 Three Personality Types:Reason, Will and Emotion. How understanding RWE types can help you:Signpost to your divine essence, uncover personal misconceptions, identify main childhood pain and unmet needs, identify primary sources of happiness and unhappiness, key to predominant Forcing Current(s) used, "Worst fear” is what you need to die into, expresses the elements that need to come into balance, signpost to your Divine Task for this Incarnation.

Reason, Will & Emotion PDF

RWE Audio Download Pt 1

RWE Audio Download Pt 2

RWE: Article for Psychology Journal in China

PL 43   2012 Update   Most of us interpret what we see and hear through a pair of colored glasses, without realizing we are wearing any at all!  If you wish to know more about yourself, a first step is to see more clearly. Come learn how each basic personality type sees the world and themselves, and the spiritual gifts each type brings. Download audio presentations: Part 1  Part 2 

Download RWE study materials Part 1

Download RWE study materials Part 2

Reason Will and Emotion PL43 - New 2013 Study Guide

Minutes from May meetings PL043

2014 Study Guide: The Structure of the Human Personality PL 43 PRS 2


PL 44 The Forces of Love, Eros and Sex  What turns you on? The Pathwork Guide speaks of three key aspects of relationship and spiritual development: Love, as a permanent state of the Soul; Eros, as one of the most potent forces in the universe; and Sex, as the creative force on all levels of existence. 

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 4 mins

Forces of Love, Eros and Sex PDF

Forces of Love, Eros and Sex Pt 1 Audio

Forces of Love, Eros and Sex Pt 2 Audio

2015 Study Guide - Forces of Love, Eros and Sex PRS17 PL44

PL 46: Authority  An invitation to examine your relationship to authority. This requires some spiritual maturity, such as developing the Observer Self and believing in one’s Higher Self. Otherwise, you might only be able to see your reactions to authority, which can often be justified or rationalized. Ask yourself: am I willing to honestly see the truth about my relationship to authority? If there is any hesitation in your response, do not suppress it. Allow it as part of the truth about yourself. See if you can include these feelings, and allow any resistance to contribute to your self-knowing.

Authority PDF

Authority Audio Files

Download Authority Audio Files

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 7 mins