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Pathwork Lectures 100-149

Study guides highlight a Pathwork concept, using Pathwork lectures as well as other resources. A new study guide is created each month, divided into 4-5 weekly sections to highlight a different aspect of the concepts. These weekly sections are available as weekly email notices, which can be used as a starting point for self-study, discussion, and process. The notices also contain information about joining the free weekly online meetings.

PL 101 The Defense   I think you all begin to see how predominant this defensiveness is.  It may be subtle and not easy to detect, but once you are on the right track, you become more acutely aware of its permanent existence.  You defend not only against hurt as a supposed mortal danger.  You defend also against frustration of your will, against anything that does not go according to your wishes.  All this represents, unconsciously, a threat to your safety, while in reality it is not so.  It may be undesirable, but something undesirable is by no means necessarily dangerous.  Yet, a defense mechanism, by its very nature, is a process of warding off danger.

2009 Defense PDF

Defense Audio Download Pt 1

Defense Audio Download Pt 2

2014 Study Guide: The Defense: PRS 19 / PL 101

2016 Study Guide: Fundamental Guilt for Not Loving PL 108


PL 103: Constructive and Destructive Will Forces: Harm of Too Much Love Giving. A review of Self-Will, Inner and OUter Will in terms of Love Giving and Relationship.

2017 Study Guide: Constructive and Destructive Will Forces: Harm of Too Much Love Giving PL 103

PL 109 Restitution for Real Guilt  Themes of justice, self-responsibility, and spiritual law seem to be of great interest. Where are our mutual obligations? What does caring for our brothers and sisters look like? What about me? Study materials include PC10, a one-page digest of Spiritual Principles based upon pgl 171 (delivered by the first Helpership class, not the Guide) and a version of the 12 Step program based on Emmanual's statements that the only addiction on the planet is Fear. False, exaggerated guilt is often used to distract us from the truth.  'Self-respect and self-assurance can only exist if you do not hide from your impaired integrity." We also need to consider what restitution might look like, especially if time has passed.

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 46 mins

Restitution for Real Guilt PDF

Restitution for Real Guilt Pt 1 Audio

Restitution for Real Guilt Pt 2 Audio

2014 Study Guide: Man's Relationship to Time PRS28/PL112


PL 117  Shame as a Yardstick for Unresolved Problems + Seemingly Favorable Childhood Circumstances As Obstructive As Hurts.  Looks at shame from a different angle than PL 31 and 66: shame as the result of pretense and deception. Includes a 9-step process for finding feelings of shame. The second half of the lecture might be described as opposite to PL 73, The Compulsion to Re-Create and Overcome Childhood Hurts; this perspective examines the compulsions to recreate childhood pleasures. The immature aspects in us demand that we 'return' to the pleasures that all of us experienced (to varying degrees) during our childhood. This compulsion prevents us from seeing life as it is, from accepting how we have grown and changed and might be able to find other ways of creating pleasure.

2017 August Newsletter: Shame as a Yardstick

YouTube Presentation 56 mins 

Study Guide: Shame as a Yardstick for Unresolved Problems PL 117

PL 118 & PRS 11 Transference, Parents and Images. Discussion of psychological transference in terms of how we recreate patterns of behavior based upon how we interacted with our parents. Examples of transference, discussion on how childhood defenses become part or our personality, how we can respond to our children in a supportive manner while addressing our own healing. Segments of this teleconference may be viewed on YouTube; one is an analogy about finding our way through life, about a Blind Dog; the other is about how differently adults see things, such as White Lies.

2008 Parents -- Images PRS 11

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 57 mins

Transference Audio Download Pt 1

Transference Audio Download Pt 2

Transference PDF

2014 Study Guide: Parents and Images PRS 10 PL118

2016 Study Guide: Movement, Consciousness, Experience PL 119 PRS 26

2015 February Study Guide: Language of the Unconscious PRS 8 PL 124

PL 120: The Individual and Humanity.  The more each one of you pursues this path in the manner you are doing, being forever more determined to overcome resistance to facing the truth in yourself, the more do you contribute to the whole of mankind's reaching this phase when problems can really be resolved by adequate means, not by temporary, shallow ones. It may be fruitful if you think of your personal problems and how they run parallel to world history, to the development of mankind as a whole.  If we receive such examples from some participants, this may prove of great value, my friends.
-- 2018 May Newsletter PL 120
-- YouTube Video Summery 20 mins 

2018 Study Guide: The Individual and Humanity PL 120

Where Everything is Perfect; A Game of Karma

If Life Was a Card Game...


PL 125: Transition from the Yes-Current to the No-Current PL 125.  The yes‑current is the expression of the supreme intelligence and creative universal force.  It is the life force, whose aspects were also discussed in a separate lecture in the past.  It is all that strives toward union, wholeness, harmony, fulfillment, fruition.  It is truth and love in its substance and manifestation.  It is life embracing and accepting.  Its movements are smooth and harmonious.  The no‑current works and affects in the opposite manner, but not in the sense that it is evil. It consists rather of ignorance, blindness, distortion, lack of awareness of relevant factors ‑‑ relevant to the no‑current in whatever way manifested.  Ignoring truth, it must be in fear and spread fear.  Hence, it is the opposite of love, of everything that leads toward union, fulfillment, fruition.  It is discord and spreads disharmony, isolation. 

-- 2018 March Newsletter 

-- YouTube Presentation 59 mins 

2018 March Study Guide: Transition from the NO-Current to the YES-Current PL 125


PL 127  Four Stages of Evolution: Automatic Reflex, Awareness, Understanding, and Knowing.  The Process of Awakening and the Mystery of Knowing -- this lecture has become one of the foundations of my practice. 'Popping' into awareness before understanding has begun can feel like waking up and finding yourself in mid-air, plummeting and tumbling with no sense of where ground is.  Knowing is an ongoing, sacred process of finding spiritual truth,. Before we have experienced conscious knowing, there can be a sense of mystery about the process. Yet examples abound in our daily life!  Both driving a vehicle (including our own bodies) and reading are immensely complex cognitive tasks. You rely upon what you already know in order to focus your conscious attention on the current variable -- traffic, uneven ground, or new ideas. Respect for the difficulties of coming in to awareness prompted the creation of Pathwork Steps, a series of free weekly teleconferernces where participants can hear each others process on difference Pathwork concepts.  

Quotes and Presentation Materials for PL 127

PL 130 & 185 Abundance and Acceptance; Mutuality
    Abundance is an attitude, a state of mind. Like attracts like. 'Poverty consciousness' describes how we can unconsciously contribute energy to and magnetize to us the very things we fear. The Pathwork Process focuses upon finding where we unconsciously believe what fear tells us even though we consciously reject it.

Abundance & Mutuality PDF

Abundance & Mutuality Pt 1 Audio

Abundance & Mutuality Pt 2 Audio

PL 132 The Function of the Ego Also referencing Pgl 152: Ego and Universal Power.  The Pathwork lectures suggest that we need a strong, well-functioning Ego to support our spiritual tasks, since our incarnatory task may differ sharply from our earthly circumstances and stories (pgl 216). A healthy Ego chooses to accept life and chooses to want to understand itself. A weak Ego tends to rely upon others and often takes on their point of view; overblown Egos prevent us from finding our way to the Real Self, by holding onto a social or material identity. A film that works uniquely with Ego is Castaway (2001, with Tom Hanks), in part because the main character is tested through solitude, losing connection with all the external elements of his life that provided his sense of self.

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 30 mins

Function of the Ego Pt 1 Audio

Function of the Ego Pt 2 Audio

Function of the Ego PL132 - New 2013 Study Guide

Minutes from March meetings PL132



PL 133 Love: Not a Commandment, but Spontaneous Soul Movement of the Inner Self   All religions, all philosophies, and all psychology agree that love is the key to everything, to fulfillment, to security, to creative growth. And yet, love cannot be commanded, nor can it be a commandment. It is a free, spontaneous soul movement. The more it is tried, due to conscience and obedience, the less does it succeed. 

October 2018 Newsletter Overview PL 133

 (Film and Reading Suggestions are updated October 1st)

2018 Study Guide: Love: Not a Commandment, but Spontaneous Soul Movement of the Inner Self

PL 134 Facing the Lower Self  Referencing Chapter 7 of The Undefended Self by Susan Thesenga. A synthesis of many Pathwork lectures on the Lower Self, negativity, and and transformation. Lecture references include Lower Self, Higher Self, and Mask (pgl 14); Pride, Self-Will and Fear (pgl 30); The Concept of Evil (pgl 134); and The Meaning of Evil and its Transcendence (pgl 184).

Full length video on YouTube: 1 hr 26 mins

2009 Facing the Lower Self PDF

Facing the Lower Self Pt 1 Audio

Facing the Lower Self Pt 2 Audio

Download Lower Self Audio Files

PL 143 Unity and Duality  Also referencingLife Manifestation as Expression of Dualistic Illusion, pgl 159 and Connection between the Incarnatory Process and the  Life Task pgl 216.  I feel that this is one of - if not The - crucial concepts in Pathwork studies. Duality is mentioned. directly or indirectly, in every Pathwork lecture. Seemed like a great place to begin the New Year! "The dualistic plane means that man sees, perceives, and experiences everything in opposites. The unified principle combines both opposites of the dualistic plane. Few human beings transcend the dualistic plane and experience only occasionally a taste of the wide, limitless outlook, the wisdom and freedom of the unified plane. ... In the unified plane of consciousness, there are no opposites. Yet it is not the kind of good or the kind of right or the kind of life that comprises but one of the opposites of the dualistic planes. It transcends it and is of a completely different nature.

Unity & Duality Pt 1 Audio Playback

Unity & Duality Pt 2 Audio Playback

Unity & Duality PL143 - New 2013 Study Guide

Minutes from February meetings PL143



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