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Contact Information
Jan Rigsby lives in Brooklyn, New York and teaches worldwide.
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Individual sessions are available in person, by phone, Skype, or VOIP lines as well as an online teleconference using zoom.us (free to users). Sessions can be recorded. Secure links to private recordings are emailed afterwards along with any notes or suggestions for further study. Original files are destroyed after 5 days.
Jan Rigsby

What is the purpose or goal of individual sessions? 

     If you suddenly found yourself driving in a strange city, how would you know which direction to go in?  You would first need to know where you are, then where you are going. How to get there can become the simplest part of the journey!     

     The Pathwork lectures offer an outline of the 'journey of the soul': what we have come here to do, why life can seem so difficult, and what is possible once we are able to hold a larger perspective than only the human experience can offer -- one that includes both the spirit and earth. We can create a map of our conscious mind, and gain insights around some of our unconscious thought processes. We can explore not only where we are going, but why. We practice bringing the words off the Pathwork lectures off the pages and into all areas of our lives.

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